• I am simple, cheerful, sociable, affectionate and fun to be with, i also loves to socialize and do new friendships. I am looking for a honest, faithful and respectable woman with the fear of God to be my friend, my soulmate and my life partner. I also want to inform you that i am not here for jokes. If you are ready for a serious relationship please reply me back on my Gmail hangouts samjoe695@gmail.com

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    • This is great. It is kind of a struggle to run and do cardio wearing a mask, but yes it can be done. So unless you’re exercising all by yourself with no one around, wear a mask!
      • Only an airtight mask could possibly cause any breathing difficulty. That eliminates cloth masks, the preferred personal protective equipment in public. It actually eliminates N95 respirators, too, usually reserved for healthcare professionals. They fit tighter than a cloth mask but still not tight enough on the face to kill. Surgeons wear even more substantial face coverings all day without endangering their health.
      • With the holidays coming, let’s do a secret santa christmas gift exchange!
        Happy Holidays! Here is the submission form, you can add a wishlist even!

        Click below to join the group.

        Tropical Fruit Forums Holidays Event! 2022


        I know christmas isn’t exactly a global holiday, but I think the good intentions can be felt universally :). Would anyone else here on the forums be interested in doing something to get in the holiday spirit?

        – entry cutoff date of 12/5
        – ship by date of 12/12 so hopefully everyone gets to open it on christmas
        – I feel like a $30 maximum (that includes shipping) on gifts sounds good so no one feels pressured
        – US only 🙁 but I’m determined to make this work, so if you’re international and willing to bear with me through customs I’ll exchange one with you <3

        I must stress. 30 MAXIMUM! That doesn't mean 'spend 30 dollars' <3

        In general, think of small things that will ship fast, for cheap. I don't want anyone breaking the bank trying to participate, this is supposed to be a fun way to make the community feel a bit more connected ;D.

        I think I've thought through it to be inclusive of everyone, but if I'm forgetting something or the requirements don't sound good, please let me know and let's find a way to make this happen.

        Lastly, I'll be giving out a loquat as my gift, No one else has to reveal what theirs is, but I thought it might get some of you excited for what's to come. Happy holidays, and have fun with it! Maybe the mods could get involved and find some way to verify everyone that enters?

        • Hello, like this or wear t-shirts and the like if they were not, in fact, a marine? Is anyone here a Marine?
          • That sounds like a great idea! I love getting in the holiday spirit and connecting with the community. I’m interested in participating, and a $30 maximum is perfect. I love the idea of small, fast-shipping gifts that will stay in the bank. I’ll keep an eye out for the entry cutoff date and the ship-by date. I’m excited to see what other people come up with as gifts. I might consider getting a personalized gift like a name necklace for my exchange partner. It’s a great way to make the gift more unique and personal. Thanks for organizing this, and I can’t wait to see it come to fruition!
          • Any of you clowns want to play?

            Game staring soon.

            GET SOME!!

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            • Thank you! This is an informative and well-written overview of the benefits and features of using a BC Game Clone Script to create a cryptocurrency gaming platform.
            • Compile errors on D365 10.0.26
              Receiving the following compile error after deploy 10.0.26 vm
              The Class ‘ERSolutionLabelRepository’ is internal and is not accessible from the current module ‘Docentric AX’

              • As far as I know, some excellent videos will show you how to do it
                • Inner classes can only be used in the package in which they are defined. There is no workaround for using them. But there may be ways to solve your business requirements that don’t require you to call those classes from your code. For example, you cannot use the ERFormatMappingRun internal class, but you can use the public ERIFormatMappingRun interface. Use ERObjectFactory::createFormatMappingRunByFormatMappingId() to create an interface instance, for example. If you still can’t do it, the experts at D365 will help you http://www.d365experts.co.uk.
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